My Day In Lewisville TX

My pick of the day was to be near water that one sunny day in Lewisville, Texas. Lewisville Lake (or for some, Lake Lewisville) is where we were heading. We arrived and decided to rent a pontoon for a couple of hours. We were a party of five, all with our fishing gear in tow. We made our way to an area of the lake where it seemed as if we were in the middle of an ocean. We cracked jokes but did not catch a thing within the first hour. The two hours flew by, quick, chit chatting while making our way back. We all agreed that it was time to grab a bite to eat.




¬†After we docked we made our way to a restaurant nearby called Sneaky Pete’s. It was a fun atmosphere. They had a pool and an area where people can take a dip in the lake. We ordered and sat outside in the patio area. Nothing was more refreshing than that of a cold drink on hand while waiting for our meal. It was a busy day with families gathered around with their pets. Certainly a place where anyone can spend a whole day enjoying the fresh air and sun. Lewisville, Texas and Lewisville Lake are great places to spend your leisure time.

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